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Our services for the couple relaxation

  • Private Spa: you will have the luxury of a private and exclusive use of our Spa and discover with your partner three incredible wellness experiences: Excite, Relax e Purify. We suggest you to book it before your arrival: info and reservation at the Wellness Reception.  Visit our Spa>>>
  • Romantic Experience: Imagine the charm of a Deluxe stay and the romantic emotion of a wellness couple ritual in your exclusive and magic experience! Let yourselves be immersed in the fragrance of Fiemme Wood
    An aromatic bath with woodland perfume and an aromatherapy couples massage using special essential oils from the Fiemme Valley.
  • Zerobody Experience – Give yourself an unforgettable experience of regeneration for mind and body with Zeroboby Experience: floating in zero gravity above 400 litres of warm water. Thanks to the mindfulness excercises, to the chromatic lights and to a gentle lumbar massage, you can experience different aims.
    Morning: Energy – Afternoon: Detox – Evening: Relax
    One hour an a half of Zero Gravity per day. More details>>>
  • Aromatic Nuvola Experience: couple ritual in total absence of gravity health and beauty fuse together into an exciting holistic experience to deeply regenerate body and mind. The feeling of floatation and the manual skills of our operators maximise the benefit of the treatment. More details>>>
  • Time Together – wellness rituals to experience with your partner: live magic moments in complete harmony and let yourself be pampered from head to toe. See our couple treatment>>>

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