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Gravel Biking in Val di Fiemme

Exploring Val di Fiemme riding a gravel bike.

La Roccia Wellness Hotel together with 3T and Baita La Morea 3.0 to launch a new project to promote the territory through gravel biking.

Gravel Biking is a cycling discipline that combines elements of road cycling with those of mountain biking, allowing you to tackle mixed paths that include asphalt, dirt and trails. Gravel bikes are designed to be versatile and comfortable, ideal for long hikes on varying terrain. Equipped with wider tires and a sturdy frame , these bikes guarantee stability and safety even on the most demanding routes.

You can rent 3T bikes directly in our hotel.

Every week there will be excursions to discover our beautiful territory accompanied by Maurizio, our guide, and then enjoy a tasty lunch at Baita La Morea 3.0

Federico Gilmozzi – on of the owners of La Roccia Wellness Hotel states:

“As fans of the outdoor world and promoters of the wonderful Dolomites area, we firmly believe in the need to boost tourism in order to make people discover the excellence of Val di Fiemme.
This valley is an ideal place for cycling enthusiasts, especially those who love gravel biking.
The ‘Gravel Biking in Val di Fiemme’ project perfectly combines knowledge of this discipline with the unique conformation of our territory, responding to tourists’ desire to experience an innovative way of cycling.

We enthusiastically support this project, choosing to collaborate with valuable partners such as Baita La Morea 3.0 and 3T to offer an unforgettable experience. We are convinced that through gravel biking, our guests will be able to explore the magnificent landscape of Val di Fiemme, experiencing unique adventures and discovering hidden corners of this extraordinary territory.

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