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Children on holiday!

Our La Roccia Wellness Hotel in Cavalese has family values very much at heart.
We chose to be a child-friendly hotel to ensure that your holiday is fun and carefree with your family in Fiemme Valley:

  • Special Prices for children up to 13 years old.
  • We provide many specific services for families with children.
  • A weekly program for live exciting experiences which the family can share together.
  • On your return to the hotel after a full day of activities, the swimmingpool waits for you

For all the families who want to spend a holiday in Cavalese we offer tailored packages.
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Fiemme Valley: a family holiday.

The Fiemme Valley is the ideal place to spend a holiday with your children and get in touch with nature, animals, and discover many tailored activities together with them.

It is no coincidence that this valley has the nickname of “the paradise for families”, precisely to symbolize the strong bond that this territory has with families.

Our La Roccia Wellness Hotel in Cavalese (Fiemme Valley) has fully accepted the spirit that binds both adults and children and it is the ideal choice for your family holidays.

The Fiemme and Trentino Guest Card for adults and children

The Fiemme Valley offers all guests who want to spend a holiday here, these two cards which are great value for money at only 1.80 € a day which is the cost of the tax

These two cards give you numerous advantages and services: ski lifts in summer, entrance to museums, transport, and more than one hundred activities organized every season.

Younger children will find lots of fun activities and practical hands-on experiences outside to share with friends and with their family.

Discover now, these two cards that will make your holiday unforgettable>>>

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