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The Fiemme Valley

The Fiemme Valley comprises numerous mountainous compounds: the chain of the Lagorai, the Pale di San Martino, and the group of Rosengarten-Latemar.

These spaces, immersed in green, are ideal for excursions on mountain bikes during the summer season, while in winter they can be travelled with snow shoes.
There are also several hectares of woods of larches and firs and among the latter stands out the spruce resonance that from the nickname of “Forest of the violins” to the Natural Park of Paneveggio.
Its wood is used to create the tables of resonance for pianos, while stories tell that Stradivari uses it for its marvelous violins.

The Fiemme Valley, in winter, puts at the disposal of the sport lovers 150 km of slopes used for cross-country skiing, and 110 km for downhill skiing and snowboarding.

There are also numerous sporting events (Marcialonga Tour de Ski and Nordic Combined World Cup,) and events of various kinds.

The Pale of San Martino

The Pale di San Martino is one of the most beautiful mountain chains of the Dolomites. Covering an area of about 240 km² between the eastern Trentino and the province of Belluno.

This is a chain of mountains of coral origin formed by spires, peaks, and edges, that during the sunset turn pink, giving life to the astonishing phenomenon of the Enrosadira.

The history of the blades dates back to approximately 300 million years ago; it all began by immense colonies of corals that have multiplied, in a calm and shallow are, giving rise to high cliffs of over one thousand meters. These reefs subsequently emerged and atmospheric agents gave them the shape of the current conformation.

The Lagorai

The Lagorai is the longest mountain group on eastern Trentino that extends between Monte Panarotta and Passo Rolle with a length of well over 70 km.

This group is composed of porphyry, igneous formed of quartz and orthoclase that confer to the rocky walls a coloring variety with shades of black, green, and reddish.

This territory is of sure interest for history enthusiasts: here you can in fact find the front where the Kingdom of Italy and its Allies fought against the armies of Austria – Hungary and Germany during the First World War.

The highest peak of the Lagorai is the top of the CECE with its 2,753 above sea level.


The Group of Rosengarten – Latemar is a mountainous chain situated in the heart of the Dolomites on horseback between Trentino and Alto Adige.

For your interior we find two of the most beautiful areas for skiing and which are highly appreciated: Carezza Ski and Obereggen/Ski Center Latemar.

The territory of the Rosengarten – Latemar and the surrounding area is one of the most beautiful areas and is the most photographed of our region and inside we also find Lake Carezza, often immortalized with the background of the Latemar which is reflected in its waters.

Bletterbach: the Canyon of the Dolomites.

If you are a lover of mountains or geology, the Bletterbach (also called RIO Now or Rio leaves) is definitely a destination that you do not need to miss.

It is the biggest canyon in Europe, with over 8km long and 400 meters of depth and is one of the 9 Dolomite systems included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The geological amphitheater in the Bletterbach is reachable only by foot from Aldino or from the fraction of Radein less than 20km from our hotel. Here you can also find the geological museum Bletterback Geopark.

Rio is now open from 29 April to 31 October 2018 from 09.00 to 18.00.

The enogastronomic tradition

The cuisine of the Dolomites was born poor, but with time things have changed.
The area boasts several typical products and among these, there are: the cheeses of the Fiemme Valley and Fassa Valley, and various sausages (speck, Trentino luganega sausage, bacon).
The homemade tradition of these territories is appreciated all over the world, and cheese products have a unique and particular taste.
The most famous cheeses of the Fiemme Valley are Puzzone di Moena, the Valfiemme nostrano and goat products in dairies in Predazzo and Cavalese.

There also are cultivations of different vegetables and among these, there are: cabbages, the radicchio and potatoes.
The woods have a particularly fertile ground for the growth of different varieties of mushrooms.
The main ones are the porcini and chanterelles, which are used in the kitchen for the construction of several delicious recipes.

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